Last Days – Flash Fiction

I used my teeth to grab the glove’s edge, peeling the latex off sweaty skin. I was careful not to bite into the bloody area. No matter how hypnotically red, I was well versed with potential infections, diseases. I didn’t need a lewd aliment to slow me down after all this time.


First summer, in a beautiful, simple place. Balmy and gentle, scalding and hot. An ocean sprawls away before the shack like a mirror.


Ancient royalty draped themselves in rich purples, the rarest color dyed for the crowned ones. Greek in origin, Stephanie embodies nobility with its length, meaning, and sound.

The Last Days of Autumn

An estimated 2% of the world’s population have been classified as psychopaths. But 2% of the world’s population also have green eyes. That’s almost 140 million people. Laura imagined there must be certain degrees of psychopathy, just as there were a wide range of greens.

Ghost Town

Grey. Each morning, day, and night, it was everything that ever was. When I woke, it was found in the ceiling, walls, and floorboards. Hannah, sleeping beside me, wanted to better decorate the house we just moved into, but couldn’t afford it just yet. I laid there for a few minutes, blinking at the ceiling, savoring the warmth of a night’s sleep tucked deeply under the blankets and against bare skin. If not paint the walls, we should at least invest in wool slippers for our bedsides.