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Two Empty Seats

Fragile light through a veiled
curtain casts a silhouette in a
small room. A grasping lunge
comes with the closing door,
one that is eager for the man’s
conquest. The hall outside hums

with chatter that is muffled by the
room. A faint smell of sweet grapes
and red wine seeps under the door
while lilting piano keys waft from
Somewhere far away. The suit jacket
crinkles as hands lift to hold a young

womans’ face. Cornering the doe,
he crowds her against a wall,
dropping hands to marble hips. The
shadows change as an arched spine
reaches a new stature, and a difference
in height is palpable. A glass of

Moscatel is on a counter,
the amber liquid sloshing as the pair
shuffle. The room shimmers under gold
drapes. Not many linger outside the room,
all guests trickling away. The only sound
a whisper of clothes, hands finding purchase

against a wall, and the tiniest of clinks when
mouths slip off center and teeth hit.
A fire, warm and consuming, is sparked with
soft lips and the husky sort of intimacy
that couldn’t be shared anywhere else.

Here, two can beckon the world to
wonder their absence as the
reaching silhouettes stand in the
fragile light, casting long shadows
across the floor until they blend.

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