It was barely a kiss,
one quick and dainty
on his cheek.
But his eyes still crinkled
and a smile grew
wide with just
a sliver of teeth.
He felt the peach
fuzz from her
nose and welcomed
the inferno erupting
within his chest.

It was a shock when
she stepped into him,
an intimacy of bare
skin touching, and his
pulse fluttered like wings
of a trapped
bird. The girl,
fittingly anonymous,
named abandoned
in that dreamlike moment
she broke from the depths
of obscurity
and strolled by
a street corner.

She laughed against
his cheek, hair gold
and eyes bright like
a creek that sparkled.
The kiss was weightless,
a guarantee of no promise.
There were sirens
in the air, but his badge
laid forgotten in
his pocket.

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