The ocean swallows the ensnared sun
as the damp sand tries with my feet.
A plump woman gathers the seashells nearby,
unmindfully tossing new found treasure
in a hard and crowded bucket.

The tides beckon with sopping waves,
unveiling ancient collections.
The woman continues to plunder and take,
crushing them with every casual chuck into the pail,
tarnishing the gifts she’s received.

She notices me as I notice her,
she gives me the bucket and asks for help.
But a violet glint in the sand makes me pause,
a bewitching shell like a fish’s tail;
a gift undeserving of this raider.

Unbeknownst, I fling the token back home,
aafe from a bathroom shelf fate.
The woman continues her search,
not knowing I robbed her of a beauty
that she can no longer spoil.

Reflecting remains of the devoured sun,
her aged legs meet my restless ones,
she takes her bucket back hunching,
and scrounges for elegance along the shore.

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